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Dec 12, 2012 6:00am PST
into exile in palm beach, the south of france, hyannis port. >> did joe ever regret that he was wrong about the nazis and world war ii? >> no. on the contrary. there was this moment where he meets with churchill. churchill was defeated and the war is over and he's defeat and he comes to the united states for a vacation. they meet and winston churchill said to joe kennedy i am desperately sorry your son was killed in the war. joe jr. was killed in a bomber and crashed. joe kennedy looks at him and said what was it all for? all we got now is the soviets dominating europe instead of the germans. we fought a war for this? >> did joe's outspokenness against world war ii make kennedy more of a hawk and jfk ending up being more of a hawk in response to his father? >> that's a great question. i don't know. i think part of what jfk does is follows his father. his father was an isolationist, but he was also in favor of huge military budgets to build up missile systems and every conceivable type of defense. first against the germans so they could never invade the united states and against the soviets.
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am PST
on their own. the midwest would split off from new england. new york might set up as an independent free port. in other words, north america would turn into another europe, if you will. to understand that that's what the stakes were and to see this man who, as you say, led a party that had never governed before, who had no military experience, and yet had to create an army of a million men out of raw volunteers, to see him make that work and fight his way through it i think really brings to life this transition to greatness that lincoln was able to make. >> and you write in here, you know, it's not as if he didn't know the situation he was in. and you write in here about how lincoln was aware more than anyone of this, and he always liked to refer at the time to somebody that was popular, tight rope walker jean-francois grabolet, who had performed stunts over nigagara falls, pushing a wheel barrow, cooking an omelet and all these sorts of things. he knew he was sort of on this tight rope that one wrong move and it all goes wrong. >> you can see over and over again during this year, 1862, how l
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2